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Necklaces                    (1 necklace added 5-3-2012)

          I can custom-make a necklace of your design, or just specify the colors to be used.  To measure the length of the necklace, use a tape measure.  Measure from the back of your neck around to how far you wish it to hang in front.  Multiply by 2.  That is the length that you want.  OR:  to duplicate the length of a necklace you own, merely open it to full-length and measure it.        

         Please email me at .  Better yet, also pass on this site to others--'tweens, teens, young and mature adults.  Don't forget the guys! Men are wearing the same jewelry that women are wearing, to a degree.  They may want to request custom-designed beaded jewelry piece.   They make one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself or others! Items "sold" could be closely duplicated.  You may wish for a similarly-designed piece.                              

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Child's Name Necklace
Approx 10"  $ 8.00 

Serenity-Courage Necklace + 5 bracelets
#N012  SOLD
Approx 16"  $ 32.00 

Valentine choker
#N013 SOLD  $20.00


Necklace & earrings made from antique beads from "Alzina"  #EN001
$55.00/set  SOLD

Necklace Choker Black/Silver
w/3 silver pix in frames
$ 20.00/each SOLD

<-  #N008
Choker Close-up
Picture of Closure

"Cat Looking in Mirror"
#N009  (OOAK)
Approx 14"  $ 35.00 

"Serenity Prayer"
#N010  (OOAK)
Approx 15" 
$ 18.00 

Necklace Black
Platinum-Plate Cross
#N001  16"
$ 10.00/each SOLD

Necklace Blue
Buddha 15"
$ 8.00/each

Necklace or
Bracelet Multi #1
24" length #N003        $ 10.00

Necklace or
Bracelet Multi #2
38" length - #N004 
$ 15.00/each

Necklace Multi
Buddha 18"
$ 10.00/each

Necklace Red
Black Buddha 18"
#N006$ 10.00/each

Rose Silver
#N007  $ 25.00/each

Close-Up Detail
$ 25.00

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