Photo Album of My Grandchildren:  Jonas, Immi, Callahan & Django Bunch
(among others of family members and THE DOOG)
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When can the J-Man go to a Blues Fest with me??? Great genes ! I'm the J-Man, cute and LOUD Been swimming with G.D. !
Jonas 1-day old
Grandpa, Dad, Jonas 1 week  old Jonas 6 months Jonas 9 months Jonas 1 year Mom, Dad, Jonas 18 months. Jonas 19 months
Just hangin' around! Boy, it's cold out here! can't believe I made a beautiful daughter! she's gonna be a looker!
Jonas 19 months Jonas 19 months Immanuel
1 hour old
& Father John
Sue, John, Jonas, Immanuel @ 1 hour old Immanuel @ 1 day old Immanuel @ 1 day old
& Grandpa Doog (G.D.)
Immanuel @ 3 days GD & Immanuel @ 9 days Jonas 7-1-06 Immanuel 9 days old Immanuel & Jonas 9 days old John & Jonas
GD, Immanuel, Jonas
Cake created by Chris Conlin, Amy's mom We're in the decade of retirement now ! Blowing out 2 candles doesn't require an oxygen mask (or does it?)
GD, Immanuel, Jonas
GD, Immanuel, Jonas
GD, Immanuel, Jonas
Who's 60 ? And I am smiling because... ? Let's blow these babies out, so I can have some cake !!
This is GOOD STUFF!!! You're not feeding me fast enough, G.D. A newborn babe Isn't he beautiful? Baby with proud Mom It feels good to finally stretch out Callahan with Proud Papa
1st visit to Diary Queen 1st visit to Diary Queen Calahan Thomas Bunch 9-19-07 Calahan Thomas Bunch 9-19-07 Calahan with Mom Calahan Thomas Bunch 9-19-07 Calahan with Dad
What a BEAUTIFUL grand-daughter! 5 years together! a DEFINITE BLONDE BUNCH BOY! a Princess in 16 years can you believe this 'self photo?' Calahan by-the-sea
 Immanuel "Immi" 7-8-07 5th Anniversary   June 14, 2008 Happy Girl Happy Guy Immi at 22 months

Jonas John Immi       May 20, 2008

Calahan 9 months
Lose the hat, Mom! Christopher & Calahan Dad, did you put sunscreen on me? Calahan & Narena Yes, this is all so very funny! definitely a Blonde Bunch Boy! I just read one of Dad's FUNNY stories!
Calahan 9 months Calahan 9 months Calahan 9 months Calahan 9 months Calahan 11 months 8-3-08 Calahan 11 months    
Calahan 13 months    10-28-08
a pensive writer, like Dad Christopher could it be? this Bunch is 40?! and Immy was Batman in 2008! Presents were Aw-thome! this was one excited birthday boy! A Batman move! I am the Birthday Boy Little Sister, and I got a present!
Calahan 13 mos 10-28-08 John @ 40 + 1 month Jonas 4th Bday Party:
i is Batman
Jonas 4th Bday Party: He's Happy Jonas 4th Bday Party: Awesome! Jonas 4th Bday Party:
Jonas 4th Bday Party: Immi eats
the man with the brains behind the curtain! Yes, and she's just plain adorable! GD gets punched! I'm getting to be BIG, GD !
Jonas 4th Bday Party: John helps with toys Jonas 4th Bday Party: Immi being adorable Jonas 4th Bday Party: Ker-Pow to GD??? Jonas 4 yr old pix taken at YMCA Calahan 15 months Xmas 2008 GD's love for Jonas Xmas 2008 Immi and her new doll from GD & Amy Xmas 2008
GD & Jonas Xmas 2008 Go Steelers!
What a smile-Jonas 8-10-09 Handsome Jonas
Beautiful Immi
Loving siblings
Smilin on GD & Amy's porch 8-10-09
Catch me, Amy!
Jonas, Amy, Immi  8-10-09 Immi on the kickboard We were having fun! 8-10-09 I'm diving my dive, Amy, catch me!
G.D. & Jonas  
Candy from Chris Conlin
Amy gives a birthday kiss Doog sure loves this candy! BounceU   Immi  10-18-09 BounceU   Immi  10-18-09 BounceU   Jonas  10-18-09 Jonas  & Immi          10-18-09
A letter from Santa for Jonas & Immi ! A letter from Santa for Jonas & Immi ! Calahan concentrating Nov. 2009. Calahan: "way too complex". Calahan doesn't give up though. Django Bunch
born 12-30-2010
Jan. 2011
G.D. feeding Django G.D. feeding Django

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