2008 Chris Conlin
Christmas Cookie Exchange      
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   Chris started her Christmas Cookie Exchanges in the late 60's, or maybe even earlier.  The first definite memory of these was in 1967.  She would invite women from her antique groups, her sorority sisters, friends, family.  Each would bring 6 dozen cookies, all the same.  The unique thing that she would have them do:  they had to bring their cookies in an unusual container or an antique.  There were prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best in originality.  And did these women come up with some really different ideas!   Based on the number of women attending, they would  take home 72 different cookies to enjoy with their families.  Usually, the cookies would be eaten within a couple of days.

   At the 1993 Cookie Exchange, the Indianapolis Star newspaper came out with a photographer and reporter, and they printed up an article with several pictures about Chris's famous Cookie Exchange.  Over the years, Chris has often read funny poems or short articles about Christmas, cookies, particularly with a Gingerbread Boy theme.  She collected little gifts throughout the year, and gave out these "gingerbread boy/Christmas-based tokens" to little games and contests that she would have at the Cookie Exchange.

   Days of preparation were needed to put on each annual Cookie Exchange.  For the last 4 or 5 Cookie exchanges her daughter, Amy Allison, pitched in to help Chris with decorating, the gifts & games, and signs used at the event.  After 41 years, Chris has put down her spatula and gingerbread cookie molds, and retired her Cookie Exchanges.  But she holds Generations of Gingerbread Boys near and dear to her heart.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)              Pictures from 2008 - A Farewell  
Socializing Chris reads "Martha Stewart's Christmas" More women These 2 (on left) traveled from Southern Indiana to come to this event !

Long-time attendees 1st Place Winner - Ruth Ann Neff Just look at all these cookies ! 3rd Place Winner
Marsha Langdon (not pictured)

Amy and Chris
(Helper and Hostess)
2nd Place Winner -
Ruth Faryna

A farewell poem