Collection of Poetry of

Helen C. Doumas,

my maternal grandmother


Recently, upon digging through some boxes of memorabilia, I happened to stumble on some old, old….very old pieces of paper….and lo! and behold, what a valuable find!  They were long-forgotten writings of my grandmother’s, Lucy Jenelle Jennings.  She later became Helen Constantine Doumas when she married married my Greek grandfather, Constantinos Athanasios Doumas… and is the name by which she was known.  This page is a tribute to her, and her ability to write…for it was passed to my mother…her first-born and only daughter.  My mother passed on this ability to myself, her first-born and only daughter.  Helen C. Doumas passed away on April 29, 2005.














Just A Reminder

written sometime before 1930


The time,

            vanishes swiftly by –

No stops,

            no matter how hard we try,


          Nor does it turn around;


            keeps moving out-of-bound.


            enjoy each moment every day…

Save time

            for Laughter, Love and Play.



                                                by  Lucy Jenelle Jennings


This poem was recently discovered by one of Helen Doumas's nieces, Mary Rangos Stram.  Mary found it  in some of her mother's (Ida Mae Rangos died 12-31-1994)  things.  Ida Mae was Helen's oldest sister.  No one that I know of who is living knew of this poem.  Mary passed this poem on to Bill Doumas, Helen's youngest son, who passed it on to me.  It was written when Christine Doumas (my mother, Bill's sister) was 1 year old.  That was 75 years ago!  What a real find.  The poem was written in commemoration of Helen's mother, Mary Spindle Jennings.   

In memory of our devoted mother & wife
who passed away one year ago to-day, May 20, 1931.
The days are now a year,
Since you left us, Mother dear.
Your years of toil have ended
And you've gone to rest
With Jesus.
As the evening shadows fall,
And the wheels of life turn on,
Our thoughts will always be with you,
And the day when we shall meet
With Jesus.
By her daughter, Mrs. C. A. Doumas
(nee Lucy Jenelle Jennings)



So You’ve Lost Another Tooth !


by Helen C. Doumas to Grand-Daughter Amy L. Allison circa 1958



So you’ve lost another tooth!

Well, I just don’t know what to say.

Wish I could be there to help you –

But you’re so far away.


So, here’s a word to bring you cheer:

Always keep a bright and happy face,

Then you’ll have nothing to fear,

Another will come to take it’s place!


Never worry about how it looks

Just keep your mind on school and books.

Someday I’m sure you’ll be

MeeMaw’s little Beauty.


I think each day about you

And your brother Johnny B.

Hope you’ll soon come for a visit

You’re such good company.


Each night when you go upstairs

And kneel to say your prayers

Remember God is Love,

He knows us up above.


   Love,  MeeMaw




Poem Inspired By A Bus Ride


                                by Helen C. Doumas [circa July 1964]


The ‘ole black bus refused to start,

            they fooled and played with every part.

            Again and again they tried with all their wit,

            but all she did was sit!


Then they went into a huddle

            to decide what next to test.

            It only needed a gentle push,

            and off she went like all the rest!


Now they all question her capabilities,

            and really sometimes they’re fine.

            But, I just wonder how they’d feel,

            if they were wounded from behind!


They have her home now at 709,

            and tomorrow I’ll be there too.

            So from then on you need not worry,

            we all leave the driving to you!




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