Allison, of the Clan MacAlister

Clan MacAlister crest: Fortiter (Boldly)


      Pecca Fortiter is translated as "sin without fear," or "sin bravely."   One of the more intriguing heresies of the early Church embraced the notion that the greater the sin the greater the forgiveness. In keeping with this idea, we should therefore glorify God by committing immense sins so that His mercy might be exalted. The Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, expressed the slightly less dangerous concept that the forgiveness of God is infinite, and since from birth and by nature we are each one of us steeped in iniquity we should therefore commit our inevitable sins without terror, as we may be certain of God's mercy. It's something of a step from Original Sin to the ordinary mistakes, gaffes, insults and hurts we all deliver to one another every day, but the principal still applies. Sin bravely, as you are sure of the forgiveness of those who love you. Besides, you have no choice.

       Allison is from the MacAlister Clan of Scotland;  their motto:  Fortiter or boldly. 

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