Jonas J. R. Bunch Celebrates 5th Birthday
in Indianapolis, Indiana, at
Chuck E Cheese on 11-9-09

Doug Bunch and Amy Allison hosted for their grandson, Jonas Bunch, a wild and crazy, noisy and (of course)  tremendously fun and confusion-filled TRANSFORMERS' BIRTHDAY PARTY  at the Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Castleton on Nov. 9, 2009 for their grandson, Jonas Bunch, who turned 5.  His birthday was actually the day before.  Helping Jonas celebrate were 15-17 of his friends  from the Jordan YMCA, and from other areas of his life. 

Also, attending were his Uncle James Curtis and Aunt Vanessa, his "Mee-Mom" (Virgie Burris), his Grandpa Cornell Burris, (both are Jonas's  maternal grandparents), Immi (Jonas's sister), and Nykki, Jonas's mother.  Doug Bunch is Jonas's paternal grandfather, and is known to Jonas as "G.D." (Grandpa Doug).  Amy is his partner of seven years.

Raven was the Chuck E Cheese hostess assigned to the party.  And she made sure that everything ran smoothly!  

The long table was decked out with Transformers everything!  Napkins, hats, horn blowers, and there was even a large Transformer banner that had lights that blinked on and off during the evening.  There was a HUGE balloon saying "Happy Birthday Jonas is 5" on it.

First things first:  as the kids came into the restaurant they gave their present to Amy to put in a safe place until Jonas opened his presents.  The kids were each given tokens to play the multitude of games that were available in the "Fun Park" of Chuck E Cheese. 

There were some rides, and playground equipment and tubing to crawl through and on.  Games could be played (using the tokens) and tickets could be won, accumulated and used to redeem for prizes.

After playing for a bit, Raven summoned all the kids to the table to sit down and eat.  Pizza and pop and fruit punch was served.  You would have though that the kids would have been starved, but they were so excited by all the well as waiting for Chuck E Cheese to make an appearance.

As Raven demonstrated to the kids how to make a drum roll on the table - sure enough, Chuck E Cheese himself came on stage!  And danced.  Chuck E and Raven presented Jonas with his "Birthday Boy Crown" and a medal that was placed around his neck.  Pictures were taken throughout the party. 

The cake was brought out....and yes, you guessed it, A CHOCOLATE TRANSFORMERS CAKE with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on top of the cake.  Cake and ice cream were quickly eaten, and kids returned to playing more games.  "G.D." finally rounded them up so Jonas could open his presents from all of his friends.  Jonas received such wonderful things....and he thanks all of his friends for making his 5th birthday special.

To thank all the kids for coming to Jonas's party, Amy had made "Transformers" gift bags for each child to take home, full of Transformer memorabilia and goodies.  They are also included with the pictures that are below. 

"G.D." and Amy left the party at 8:00pm, and the guests had for the most part been picked up by their parents.  Jonas and his mom were going through all the presents, making sure that the correct tags were with each present as they were packed up. 

The broad smile on Jonas's face, Immi's huge eyes in wonderment, and watching all the kids having such fun are memories to be treasured.             -Amy L. Allison

                                                            Click on each picture to enlarge for detail...

Raven & Amy, Hostesses Look at this fanfare! So much to look at, Jonas! Jonas is 5 !
W - O - W ! Jonas & Coach Mike Immi' s about to blow! Jonas tooting his horn
There's a party goin' on Look at all the activity ! Dude, let's party ! Immi is stunned !
Mayhem and bedlam <sigh> this is so much fun Are they having fun ? Jonas's smiling pals -
Girls jes wanna have fun Heeeeeere's Chucke ! Jonas is King of the Party Jonas' Medal of Honor
Showing the medal He's the man Transformer Cake More party-ing !
Let's dance with Chuck ! Immi---You go Girl ! Gift bag contents Gift bag contents
The Gift Bags Gift bag contents For Jonas AND Immi
from G.D. and Amy

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