"Destiny of Detours"
A Novel by Amy L. Allison


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This story follows a young woman's life journey from conception into her sixties. It is a story of fear, shame, hope, and redemption. Anyone who has encountered addiction and/or mental illness in their lives, either themselves or others around them, may be able to relate. This book is also for all who get discouraged by what is dealt to them as they search for meaning in their lives.

The story is of a Midwestern girl born in the 1950's. The erratic and reproachable behavior demonstrated to her by her parents was etched upon her impressionable mind. She had no self-esteem and struggled as an adult to glean validation for herself whenever possible.

As an adult, she blindly felt her way through the labyrinth of her life, with no sense of direction, purpose, and certainly no moral compass. She fell victim to her own knee-jerk reactions and ran into road-blocks constantly. She often had to re-route her derailed life in trying to regain her balance and momentum. Hers was a destiny of detours.                             (429 pages)

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