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3-3-2015      Ah, to finally since in that comfortable worn leather chair next to the old TV pictured to the right.  It has been eventual since I last logged into "From the Grid".  Births, Deaths, Marriage, Divorces, Lawsuits, Scandals, Real Estate Purchases, Defeats-Turned-Into-Victories, Recovering, Growing Older, Lamenting and Forging forward.   Life is Good.  Bought a house In The Grid.  We're happy about that.  I am worried about my friend who named this website....but they're trudging forward making the best of things as we all are. I am looking forward to Spring.  It has been a COLD winter here.  We have been lucky to venture to California twice since I last blogged here.  Nicer climate, but not affordable.  My dollar goes a lot further right here in the Midwest.  People whom I love and adore are here, as well as mother and grandkids.  So, see?  Life here is plentiful in what really matters.  People.  Not climate.  Amen.

8-19-2012     It has been a long while since I blogged from the Grid.  It has been a very tumultuous year with the illness and death of a family member, a torrent of ill-will that resulted from extended family members, a lawsuit contesting the Will, winning this lawsuit, and adjusting to a life without this person.  I have come to know about evil, maliciousness in human behavior (while hiding behind the mask of a zealot religious fanaticism), legalities, legal forms, legal proceedings, the human need to lie about the truth.  Need I go on?  Oh, and the shaming of innocent people to prove a point, lack of respect, lack of boundaries and a non-supportive parent and absent sibling.  Very absent sibling. 

I am worn out.  I am resilient, but I am worn out and disgusted.  I have lost further faith in the human race, and am trying to surround myself  with people who are sincere, of a humble nature, in recovery, and those who nurture me.  I do not believe I have ever had a 9 month stretch of time containing so much angst in my life.  It is going to take some major purging to turn my thoughts away from this.

I try to make each day count now.  To make up for lost time.  I have a shield of protection around me stronger than any shield on the market.  Yet I try to let spirituality and sensitivty in to keep my soul soft and pliable.  I am a blessed child of God in the Grid.  I am thankful for all that has been bestowed upon me in this lifetime.

9-30-2011   Why have I not blogged from the Grid?  It was a pretty, hot, active summer--full of action, plans, changes.  Street repairs were made everywhere.  My significant other retired.  It is now almost October.  It is grey, rainy and in the 50's.  Not pleasant weather.  It affects my mood.  I have a book I wrote that is almost published.  That adds a spot of bright color in the drab days.  I stay busy enough, but long for a more colorful climate.  Things are okay.  I am just kinda complaining. 

5-6-2011   I give up.  The "Grid" cannot make up its mind.  Will it be sunny, or cloudy, grey and rainy?  Yes, the Grid is busy and vibrant with baby-strollers, dogs, walkers, joggers and spring flowers.  I'll take the changing colors and textures.  I could live in a dessert (not as pretty) or in Alaska with Sarah Palin or somewhere in the Mideast with sheets and a veil covering my body and head.  Not too sure I could grow accustomed to that!

Then I wouldn't be here.  And I would miss that.  "Home".  I have been an Indianapolis resident for 54 years.  I don't think you are going to get me out of here now.  But, life can change on a dime....just like the weather can change in the Grid.   And I would miss that too.

4-15-2011   Wow!  Where has the time gone.  The grid is springing with "new green" as Spring has finally come.  People in the Grid are sprucing up their lawns, and starting outside projects to their homes.  Potholes are slowly being fixed, but they continue to be a problem.  By the way, I did not play any April Fools jokes, nor were any played on me.  Been doing a lot of research on the compute for my webquest.  I am actively looking to get my book printed. This will be done 'way outside of the Grid.  We will have a new Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Grid, probably within a couple of weeks.  Houses are tentatively put up for sale.  We have looked at a few condos.  Am trying new programs on the computer.  I guess we are planning a trip to see the grandkids on the west side of the state.

3-29-2011   What a quickly-passing couple of days.  I got a new HTC Thunderbolt cell phone.  Boy, it can do everything except cook my breakfast, but it does have a free app for recipes.  Not that I would evern ever use that app.   I have submitted my latest manuscript for the meditation book I finished in September 2010.  I am still hoping.  I wrote a new book proposal.  I am in a discussion group that meets once a week.  I will be starting a workshop next Thursday.  So, the pace is picking up a bit for the Spring.  I am also working on jewelry.  it is my relaxation time. I can also be creative.   Trying to think of a good April Fool's joke to play on Doug.

3-25-2011   A grey day and cold.  Still researching this phone.  We shop solely the Verizon store in Nora on 86th St.  The salespeople and management are the best, most knowledgeable in the city that we have come into contact with.  Very helpful.  Might run into the Toggery re-sale shop @ 1810 Broad Ripple Ave.  They moved out of the canal area from Broad Ripple to this location a few years ago.  It is a great place to shop.

3-24-2011    <sigh> I'm pooped.  I went to the gym today.  I also worked on the computer in a literary capacity.  I submitted an article (hopefully) for publication in a newsletter of mental health.  I am trying to decide on whether or not to buy an HTC Thunderbolt phone.  It is gray in the grid today.  The sky was spitting snow.  Sheesh.  Good-bye winter, already.  Saw at good movie a couple of days ago at Landmark Showplace 12 in Glendale Town Center.  "Limitless".  I'd give it a B-.  Entertaining though.  Made a donation at the Goodwill at 62nd and Keystone.  A wonderful place for purchases for children, or work-out clothes, or just about anything that you might need.  A trip to Wal-mart at 73rd and Keystone was also part of the day.  All in the grid.  Ah, it's a wonderful place.  However, my 2010 Honda Fit got taken to Ed Martin Honda for a recall.  Definitely outside the grid, but it is where I bought the car a year ago.  It has a wonderful Service Department.  And it's late in the grid.  Time to rest.

3-23-2011   Well it's a sunny day in the grid.  See how my rooms are illuminated with that sunshine.  Okay.  It's Indiana.  It could change on a dime. This is a day that I do not workout at the gym, affording me time for other things.  Computer work is the first order of business.  I have had requests for 2 more websites.  Nothing fancy, but something informative nonetheless.  After going to my favorite coffee house, Coffee Brake, I will have enough energy to continue my day. 

3-21-2011   My first entry.  I got this idea from my days of being on the road travelling and selling.  If I learned something new or put together something that was beneficial to me - then it might help others.    I primarily operate within a grid of the city that is 6 miles high and about 3.5 miles wide.   The name "Grid" was coined by my friend JTB.  I would talk about doing such and such, or going to the grocery, doctor, gym or whatever, and JTB would say, "Ah.  Staying in the grid, I see."  He was right.

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