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Full Pictorial Gallery. Only linked-to from the Main Page.
Will be deleted.
Leave this up for reference.


01a Light Tree 01b Light Tree 04Conception 04Conception 05a After The Volcano Sideview    
05b After The Volcano I 05c After The Volcano I 05d Soufriere 05e Soufriere 05f Soufriere    
05g After The Volcano II 08a Emergence 08b Emergence 09a Intersection 12a Santa Fe Contempo    
14c Totally Tahoe 14d Totally Tahoe 14b Totally 14a Totally Tahoe 12b Santa Fe Contempo    
13b Purple Horizon 13a Purple Horizon 13c Purple Horizon 18a Sunset At Incline 18b Sunset At Incline    
20a Fish Dish 21a The Wall 22a Grass Deco Plate 22b Grass Deco Plate 22c Grass Deco Plate    
22d Grass Deco Plate 22e Grass Deco Plate 23a Spirology 24a Differences 24b Differences    
25b Intergalactic 25a Intergalactic 25c Intergalactic   24c Differences    
26a Firewall 26c Firewall 26d Firewall 26e Firewall 26d Firewall    
29a Martian Surface 29a Martian Surface 28c Luster Wavy Bowl 28b Luster Wavy Bowl 28a Luster Wavy Bowl    
33a MVC056F 33b MVC055F 32a Winter Star 31b Vortex 30a Black Confetti Draper    
34a Electric Mushroom 34b Electric Mushroom 35a Vortex 36a Directions 37a Butterscotch Plate    
38a Autumn Wind 39a Clear Iridescent Bowl 40a Blue Transparent 40b Blue Transparent 41a Dichro Tear-Drop
42a Dichro Tear-Drop
42b Dichro Tear-Drop
43a Monterey Aquarium 44a Luster Wavy Bowl 45a Spirology    
46a GardenLife 47a Checkerboard 47b Checkerboard 48a Chromosome 49a Dark Side of the Moon    
50a Gravity 50b Gravity 51a Brown Weave Bowl 52a Textures 52bTextures    
53a After the Volcano III 54a Squaw Creek Plate 55a Vegas II 55b Vegas II 55c Vegas II Detail    
57b Red Pattern Plate 57c Red Pattern Plate 57d Red Pattern Plate 56a Vegas 55d Vegas    
57e Red Pattern Plate 57f Red Pattern Plate 57a Red Pattern Plate 58b Laminate Set-Up 58c Laminate Slab    
59a Pattern Bar 59b Pattern Bar Set-Up 59c Pattern Bar Set-Up 59d Pattern Bar Set-Up 58a Laminate Slab    
60d Rune Set-Up 60e Rune Set-Up 60f Rune Set-Up 60c Rune Set-Up 60g Rune Tablet    
60a Rune Tablet 60b Rune Tablet 61b Coasters Mfgt. 61a Coasters Mfgt. 62a Spiral Bubble    
62b Spiral Bubble 62d Spiral Bubble 62f Spiral Bubble 62e Spiral Bubble  62f Spiral Bubble    
63a Blue Spiral 63b Blue Spiral 63c Blue Spiral 63d Blue Spiral 64a Black Art Deco Plate    
65a Black Art Set-Up 65b Black Art Set-Up 66a Black Art Deco Plate 64c Black Art Deco Plate 64b Black Art Deco Plate    

72a Candy Color
Kiln Set-Up
61d Coaster Kiln Set-Up 61e Coaster Kiln Set-Up 61f Coasters 61g Coasters    
61h Coasters 61i Coasters 61j Coasters 61k Coasters 61L Coasters    
61m Coasters 61n Coasters 26f Firewall 26g Firewall 67a Butterscotch Basketweave Detail    
67f Butterscotch Basketweave Layout 67e Butterscotch Basketweave Layout 67d Butterscotch Basketweave 67c Basket 67b Butterscotch Basketweave Layout    
68a Autumn Wind 68b Autumn Wind 68c Autumn Wind Detail 69a Neo Lavender
Draper Layout
67g Butterscotch Basketweave    
71a Glass
Diamond Saw
70a Strip Laminate
Kiln Set-Up
69d Neo Lavender Draper Detail 69b Neo Lavender
Draper Layout
69c Neo Lavender
Draper Layout
74a Caribbean Dreamin' 74b Caribbean Dreamin' 74c Caribbean Dreamin' 73a Whetstone Bridge 73b Whetstone Bridge    
32c Winter Star 32b Winter Star 27a Blue Ice 27b Blue Ice      



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