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Coping with an addiction and a mental disorder can be mind-boggling if attempted without a lot of help. It cannot be successfully done otherwise. Traveling a path of recovery using a combination of recovery texts, therapy, groups, meetings, maybe meditation and opening up to the possibility of that life can get better, is explored in daily bites of experience, strength and hope. Written by someone who experiences recovery from both.

This 366-day meditation book of 405 pages is for people dealing with both addiction recovery (especially alcohol and drugs), and a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. Written by a female who has been free from substance addiction since 1989, and began her BPD treatment and recovery in 2004. It is a book that is full of facts, humor, statistics, suggestions, and hope for a better life as the tools of recovery are practiced diligently by those individuals who deal with either or BOTH disorders.

Click for 28 SAMPLE PAGES from the book. (15 are daily meditations)

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