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To the left you will find samples of my design work for customized business cards. 

I can design practically anything, and obtain clipart and photos from an infinite number of sources on the internet.

I prefer to quote per each individual order, though my average pricing structure may be viewed at the following

May I remind you that these are ".jpg" snapshots of the business cards, and are not of the clarity that they would render in the actual card itself. 

I design the card to your specifications, send you a "print-screen" of the card (as it will look when printed), and I will handle the rest.  You will know my design-fee up front.  It is a one-time charge (minimum of $25).  I will give you the final price of your order for your business cards once I know the quantity you want, and what kind of card stock.  I will add the printer's fee, tax and my design fee and call you with the amount.  I will need payment in full prior to my placing the order. (check, cash or money order)

Since my printing service will have the computer file of your business card on hand, you will be able to re-order business cards in the future.  Or I can handle re-orders for a small fee.  Should you need to make design changes to your card for re-orders, there will be a fee for that.


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