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~ Collages by Chris ~

Chris, Designer
Collages/Miniature Vignettes



Welcome to my world of small antiques and collectibles!  I have  integrated these items into various arrangements that tell their own stories.  These collages make unique gifts and will complement any personal home décor.  Although I lean toward a more vintage approach, any theme or motif of your choice can be utilized.

My miniature vignettes (known as “mini-vini's”, also called "collages") were introduced at the Amish Country Market in Noblesville, Indiana in 1994.  Soon after, they were sold in Dee Acton's antique shop until it was closed.  More recently, I marketed my collages at Cupboard Space (antiques and collectibles shop) in Carmel's Arts and Design District in Indiana.  There are so many frame-able small antiques that can make a statement in an appropriate decorating scheme.  I acquired these “smalls” at antiques shows, flea markets, garage and estate sales, and collectibles shows.  Of course, it is necessary to mix the old with some new items, and that includes the frames as well.

Popular themes have been as follows:  Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Wedding, Baby, Friendship, Children, Patriotic, Sewing, Birthday, School Days, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Gardening, Jewelry, Needlework, scene and room vignettes, collections of like items (miniature antique purses and mirrors, pewter and silver articles, to name a few of my choices) and a HUGE Miscellaneous section.  The categories on the website have been categorized by Holiday and Non-Holiday.  They are also grouped into the above categories.  The prices on the website are at retail prices to individuals.  Business owners may buy at wholesale.  This depends on the number and value of actual antiques I used on a particular collage.

This cottage industry enables me to be creative with my passion for antiques.  It is a real challenge to design a lay-out in a limited space.  A popular-sized frame is 11”x14” (though many of mine are not that large), but even two or three small items in a 5”x7” or 8”x10” frame can be very effective.  I would be agreeable to custom-make a collage using personal items that you would provide to me to design, implementing a theme of your choice.   This would also enable me to reduce the cost of the collage to you.  These are truly creations that are “one-of-a-kind”, although occasionally I can find some similar items to attempt to re-create a previously-designed collage.

        I have selected the collages below from my inventory to display as examples of what I have designed.  Each collage is named and priced.  Please note the codes in pink:  NFSPC means the collage in is my collection but not for sale at this time.  SOLD  or SOLDMSS means that the collage is no longer available and is not in my inventory. Please scroll down and view 172 of my collages that I have designed and assembled.  Then, after viewing this page, please come visit my Christmas Room !

  *** Please feel free to contact me via email with questions or inquiries. 
~ Chris, Collage Designer

 Note   I am currently looking for another location to outlet my collages for sale in and around the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  Please forward my site to any antique dealers or shops that carry antiques who may be interested, or who may just enjoy viewing my
collages.  Thank-you so much!

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Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday
Christmas (CHR) See the  Christmas Room    

Easter  (EAS)

"Easter Greetings Paper Punch"  EAS-01
  $ 18.00

"Easter Basket Egg Half"
 $ 18.00
Listing of antique items

"Easter Greeting Paper Punch" EAS-03
 $ 15.00

"Peach Mat Easter
 $ 10.00 

"Bunny w/Lace Hat"
   $ 8.00 

"Mama Bunny & Babies"
  $ 12.00

"Basket of Easter"
EAS-07  $ 16.00 

EAS-08  $ 15.00
Listing of antique items  

"Easter Purple"
EAS-09   $ 9.00 

"Little Boy Blue Easter"
EAS-10  $ 20.00
Listing of antique items

"Easter Bunny Lessons"
EAS-11   $ 18.00 
Listing of antique items

"Easter Daffodils"

EAS-12  $ 22.00 

"Easter Bonnet"
EAS-13    $ 20.00
Listing of antique items

$ 18.00  SOLD

"Easter Greetings"
EAS-15  $ 9.00
Listing of antique items
St. Patrick's Day (STP)
"Lucky Leprechaun"
STP-01   $ 14.00 

"Wearing O' the Green"
STP-02   $ 10.00 

"St. Patrick's Symbols"
STP-03  $ 10.00 

"St. Patrick's" 
STP-04    $ 20.00   SOLDMSS

"St. Patrick's Plate"
STP-05    $ 20.00 NFSPC

"Three Shamrock Harp"
STP-06  $ 9.00 

"Annalee Shamrock Mouse"  STP-07 $ 21.00
Thanksgiving (THA)
"Wheat Thanksgiving"
THA-01  $ 12.00 

"Thanksgiving Greetings"
THA-02 $ 15.00 

"Thanksgiving Greetings 2"
THA-03  $ 15.00  NFSPC

"Thanksgiving Pilgrims & Wheat"
THA-4  $15.00 

"Thanksgiving Cornucopia"  THA-5  $7.00  NEW

Valentine (VAL)
"Gold Pin Forget-Me-Nots Valentine" VAL-01 $ 24.00
Listing of antique items

"To My Kid Valentine"
 VAL-02  $ 18.00
Listing of antique items

"Valentine Kisses"
VAL-03  $ 5.00 

"Valentine Locket"
VAL-04  $ 12.00  

"3 Red Satin Hearts"
VAL-05  $ 18.00 
Listing of antique items

"Red Fan Valentine"
VAL-06  $ 28.00 

"Cherub Frame"
VAL-07   $ 25.00  

"White Cupid on Heart"
VAL-08  $ 18.00  
Listing of antique items

"Grapevine Valentine"
VAL-09  $ 25.00

"Valentine Joy"
$ 20.00
Listing of antique items

"Cupid Perfume"
 VAL-11  $ 15.00 

"Tiny Blue Valentine"
  $ 18.00  NFSPC
"Valentine Roses" 
VAL-13  $ 30.00
Listing of antique items

"Love To My Kid"

VAL-14 $ 18.00 NFSPC

"Hug A Great Gift"
VAL-15  $ 14.00

"Joined Hearts"
VAL-16  $ 15.00  NEW

"Four Hearts Precious"
VAL-17  $ 11.00 NEW

"Cupid's Love"
VAL-18  $ 29.00 NEW

"2 Brass Hearts"  VAL-19
$ 8.00  
Listing of antique items

"Pewter Cupids" VAL-20
$ 8.00 

"To A Special Someone"
VAL-21  $ 12.00

"For My Valentine"
VAL-22  $ 8.00


Non-Holiday Non-Holiday Non-Holiday

Baby (BAB)

"For The New Baby"
BAB-01  $ 28.00
Listing of antique items

"Christening Day"
  BAB-02  $ 24.00  NFSPC

Baking (BAK)

"Gingerbread Cookies"  
  BAK-01  $ 27.00

"Baking Cookies"
BAK-02  $ 40.00

"Cool Kitchen Things"
 BAK-03 $ 20.00 NFSPC

Birthday (BIR)
"Happy Birthday Hankie"
BIR-01 $ 35.00
Listing of antique items

"Friendship Birthday"
BIR-02  $ 22.00 

Child  (CHI)

"Child's Red"
        CHI-01  $ 18.00          

"Child's Red Mittens"  
CHI-02  $ 18.00    SOLDMSS 

"Child's Lace"  
CHI-03     $ 25.00    SOLDMSS

Collections (COL)

"All Celluloid"
COL-01  $ 45.00   

"Silver Mini-Purses"

COL-02  $ 62.00 NFSPC

"Black Smile Hats"
COL-03   $ 46.00
Listing of antique items

"Mini Purses on Tan"
$ 63.00 

"Silver Lord's Prayer on Grey" COL-05
$59.00 NFSPC

"4 Silver Purses on Black"
COL-06    $ 61.00 

"White Flowered Purse"
 COL-07   $ 53.00 NFSPC

"Big Silver Heart"
 COL-08  $ 50.00 NFSPC

"Antique Baskets"
 $ 40.00 NFSPC

"Prized Silver Collection"
COL-10 $ 65.00  NFSPC

"Piano with Bird"
COL-11   $ 25.00

Father (FAT)

"Father's Cigar" 
 FAT-01  $ 48.00
Listing of antique items

"Father Dear"
FAT-02   $ 47.00
Listing of antique items

Friendship (FRI)

"Friendship Treasures"
FRI-01   $ 20.00
Listing of antique items

"College Chum"
FRI-02  $ 25.00
Listing of antique items

Gardening (GAR)

"Garden Life" 
GAR-01   $ 35.00 
Listing of antique items

"Gardener's Wisdom"
GAR-02  $ 25.00 SOLD

Grandmother (GRA)

"Grandmother's Finery"
GRA-01   $ 48.00

"To Grandma With Love"
GRA-02   $ 20.00 

Jewelry (JEW)

"Victorian Charms
JEW-01  $ 18.00 
Listing of antique items

"Bird Heart Bracelet"
JEW-02   $ 27.00
Listing of antique items

Miscellaneous  (MIS)

"Small Oval Frame"
MIS-01  $ 12.00 

"Two Hearts Together"
MIS-02   $ 12.00 

"Tussie Mussie"
MIS-03   $ 20.00

"Raggedy Andy"
MIS-04    $ 18.00 

"White Floral Border Frame"  MIS-05 $ 20.00
Listing of antique items

"Sitting Room Scene"
 MIS-06  $ 35.00 NFSPC

"Blue Rattan Frame"
MIS-07  $ 26.00
Listing of antique items

"Very Ornate Brass Frame" MIS-08  $ 27.00
Listing of antique items

"Black Fan" MIS-36
$ 25.00 
Listing of antique items

"Locket & Gold Pins"
MIS-09  $ 37.00

"Golden Gems"
MIS-10  $ 50.00

"Tea Party"
MIS-11  $ 22.00 
Listing of antique items

"Dresser Set"
MIS-12  $ 25.00 

"Pie Safe"
MIS-13  $ 30.00 
Listing of antique items

"Kitchen Scene"
 MIS-14  $ 36.00  NFSPC
"Love One Another"
MIS-15  $ 22.00
Listing of antique items

"Love Bar Pin"
MIS-16  $ 9.00 

"China Doll + 4"
$ 30.00 
Listing of antique items

"Tokens of Affection"
MIS-17   $ 42.00
Listing of antique items

"Black Mary Jane Shoes"
 $ 20.00
Listing of antique items

"Rose Fan" 
 $ 24.00
Listing of antique items

"Pinkham's Compound"  MIS-20    $ 40.00     SOLDMSS

"The Amish" 
MIS-21  $ 55.00 

MIS-22    $ 30.00 

"Best Wishes"   
MIS-23  $  30.00

$ 25.00

MIS-25    $ 45.00
Listing of antique items

"Lavender Glove"
MIS-26  $ 44.00      SOLDMSS

"Photograph Album"
MIS-27  $ 25.00
Listing of antique items
(Need pix)
"Roaring 20's"
$ 25.00 

"Victorian Black" 
MIS-28   $ 48.00

MIS-29  $ 29.00   SOLDMSS

"Antique Collector" 
MIS-30  $ 20.00    SOLDMSS

"Livingroom Scene"
MIS-31   $ 45.00

Listing of antique items

"To My Daughter"
 MIS-32 $ 7.00 NFSPC

"Silver Necessities"
 MIS-33  $ 50.00
Listing of antique items

"Burgundy Purse
MIS-34   $ 30.00
Listing of antique items

"Think of Me Bookmark"
MIS-35  $ 28.00

"Hats Galore!"
NEW $ 35.00 SOLD
Patriotic (PAT)
PAT-01  $ 50.00      SOLDMSS
School (SCH)
"Golden Days" SCH-01 $40.00 SOLDMSS

"School Days" SCH-02
[3-D desk]
Listing of antique items
Sewing (SEW)
"Rye Basketry Sewing Kit" SEW-01 $ 25.00
Listing of antique items

"Sewing Chatelaine"  
SEW-02  $ 45.00 

"Make-Do Pincushion"
SEW-03  $ 25.00 

"Sewing Implements"
SEW-04  $ 21.00   
Listing of antique items

Dressform Fabrics"
SEW-05  $ 47.00

Blue-Red Welcome Sewing Kit"
SEW-06  $ 59.00
Listing of antique items

"Stitch in Tyme"
SEW-07  $ 48.00 
Listing of antique items

"Darn It !"
SEW-08  $ 35.00
Listing of antique items

"Sewing Trinkets" 
SEW-09 $ 47.00  NFSPC

"Sewing Accoutrements"
SEW-10   $ 45.00  NEW
Listing of antique items
Wedding (WED)
"Wedding Souvenirs" 
WED-01   $ 45.00

"Wedding Dress" 
WED-02  $ 43.00  SOLD
Custom-Made (CUS)

Custom-Order $30.00
[negotiable per collage]
Listing of antique items

Custom-Order $30.00
[negotiable per collage]
Listing of antique items
Contact Chris
for Custom Orders
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