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     In my 20 years of involvement with the world of computers, I have come to realize that not everyone uses them, nor has them - and the mystery of their operation perplexes more folks than we realize. 

     I have also had the privilege/experience of tutoring some people in their late 60's and 70's on the basic operation of the computer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook (email), and basically organizing their files on their computer in some order that works for them.  Wouldn't your parents or grand-parents be proud to be a knowledgeable person in the Computer Age?  Buy 'em a computer; I'll show them how to use it !

     I know a bit about a lot of things about computers, including  the operation and maintenance of the computer,  and working with the software programs that are used on your computer to help you keep records, save created files, make word processing documents, simple letters/flyers and so on.

     So, I have experience, and have a lot of patience.  I am efficient with your time, quickly find out what you don't know, and what you wish to learn.  I charge $35 for a 2-hour session.  One hour is not long enough.  Contact me if you are interested, or have a parent or grand-parent who is interested in learning AND has a computer in their home.  

Make computer learnin' FUN.                            They will LOVE to join the World of Computers.

Seniors want to learn computers too. It need not be a mystery.  
Seniors treat their computers like grandchildren.
Sometimes they will do this. But that's OK. I'll tutor younger people, but they usually use computers already.