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                   ~ Special Thanks

Listed below are the gracious people who have directly and indirectly aided me in formatting, building, researching and continually updating this site.  I humbly offer my thanks for your support, ideas, therapies, directions, suggestions, caveats, patience, humor, spiritual contributions and cheerleading.     
   ~ Amy Allison

Doug B.
Dr. B. Wightman
Dr. M. Babin-Nelson
Aspire (BehaviorCorp)
Chris C.
N.  Girk, ACSW, LCSW
L. Caldwell
Dr. Marsha Linehan
Dr. L. Reske
M. Miholick, AAMFT
Jan L.
J. Davis
alerie T., NP
This website has reached the email inboxes of many therapists, trying to carry the message.  I have heard from more than just a few of you - offering comments, suggestions, insight, well-wishes and several mentioning links of their own of websites, books, etc.  I have included them below. And 
Judith Orloff, MD -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Eric Bellman, LCSW
Westlake Village, CA, USA
Lisa Kift -
San Diego, CA, USA
Gina Spielman -
Naperville, IL, USA
New Book on Amazon
Rebecca Murray -
Montreal,  Quebec, Canada
Valerie Balandra -
Sarasota, FL, USA

William Rickles, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Staley  -
Illinois, USA
Arnold Freedman, PhD
Wilkinsburg, PA
Robin Shawanoo -
Ontario, Canada
Ron Jensen LCSW-
American Fork, UT &
Salt Lake City, UT
Pearl Goodman -
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dan Litov -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Larissa Rzemienski - Chandler, AZ, USA  
Robert L. Smith -   Indianapolis, IN, USA  
Julie Marcuse -
New York City, NY, USA
Valerie H. Ashley  -Philadelphia, PA, USA