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(to the tune of John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane")                                   A little ditty, about Doug and Amy....two American Baby-Boomers in the Heartland. One day Amy in the front seat of Doug's car, said, "Doug I want a house before we're too old."  And Doug said, "No house for me, no old house for sure.  I don't need the thrill of yard work and upkeep.  You'll have to find your dream somewhere else!"  Ten years went by, and Amy tried again, "I know it's silly, but I'm crazy for a house."  And Doug said, " With a house you can't afford those Bobbie Brooks pants you wear, so let me do what I please (and continue to rent!)."    But as things would transpire, Doug and Amy found a house they liked, but not without A LOT of fixing up to make it exactly what they wanted.   A  little ditty about Doug and Amy, and the American Dream they found within the Midwest.  ("Before" pictures are on the left, "After" pictures are on the right.  This is before any window or outside lighting improvements).  See all of the latest finished pictures in the "tan section" at the bottom of the website, and below that.      
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** To view comparative pictures (May 2014 & 2015) of the outside of the house and the property, go here

Left is the front of our house when Amy & Doug first found it.  It just needed some tender-loving care.  L to R, before and after landscaping.


This is a view of the back.  To the far right, is the finished house, after cleaning and painting the Sunroom.


L to R, the east side of the garage, before and after Victor and Javier Lopez & crew.  7 guys working 10  hours each on July 26th.


This is the west side of the house.  The big tree is a sweet-gum tree.  It puts out those spiny little prickly balls that clog gutters.

This is a shot of the front before and after landscaping and cutting the grass.  Doug is looking at the house in the "before" picture and is wondering what he got himself into.


L to R is the "before" and "after" some of the backyard pictures of the trees.  Note the old iron-bar clothesline on the left.  It was removed.  In the picture on the right, a 60 year old shed was torn down that stood in its place.


L to R is the "before" and "after" some of the backyard pictures of the trees.  In the picture on the left, the shed stood behind the trees in the foreground.

 We closed on on the property on
July 18, 2014. 

L to R, the "before" demolition and several "after" pictures of the kitchen as it goes through its transformation.  Our demolition guys left the kitchen faucet to leave a little decoration in the dismal shell of the former kitchen. (the next 6 pictures)



Left is the finished kitchen.

Nearest left 2 pix are the before and finished views of the office. (1 of 3 bedrooms)


L to R is the "before" demolition and "after" pictures of the living room.  It was so dated.



   Left nearest 2 pix are the finished living room.  


L to R is the Master bedroom, and looking at the start of the new closet in the Master bedroom.  The 2 closets in the bedroom, and the coat closet from the living room will make up the wall-to-wall Master closet.

(Left) Amy found out that Doug had decided to add a third the Master bedroom closet.  Seriously???       Third pix to the left was the original sump pump room.  Near right 2 pix are after clearing out the room and painting  it on 6-20-15. More pix about basement re-finishing.
(Left) The toilet was removed, and the closet is being finished.  (Right) are finished views of the master bedroom.                    


L to R is the original Sunroom, and then the demolition of it and the tiles and insulation torn out.  Shown with a coat of primer before painting it to cover the 70's paneling.   


Left:   There were trees growing in the gutters of the house
prior to the landscapers' work.

Right:  Our demolition crew for CMH Contractors, Chris and Greg. 
Both were at least 6' 4" tall.  And handsome!

CMH Builders is the contractor who renovated the house, starting on August 4th.

L to R is the Guest bathroom, before and after demolition.


(Left) is the Hall bath, prior to and after demolition.  (The toilet will be removed too.  Have to leave something for the construction crew  to use).  (Right) is the finished bath.


L to R is the "before" of looking from the Dining room
to the Sunroom.  During demolition, looking
from the Sunroom through the dining room
through the living room to the front door.



More pictures of the beautiful trees (32 mature ones) that are on the property.  Sadly, 17 of them had to come down.


Statue of Mother Mary in a newly-planted bed of ivy.  Far right:  view of the front yard from Olney St. Kessler Blvd. borders the yard to the south. re-designed using pebbles in Spring 2015.


Trash from the demolition process before the dumpster arrived.


(Left) The guest room before pix. All paneled.

(Left) The laundry room, which is in the guest room.

The finished guest bedroom. Laundry is between the bath and the bedroom.    

The other day they noticed some stones with moss in the far end of their lot.  Doug "dug", and he dug and came up with 53 of these heavy stones.  Huge tree roots were holding them tightly to the earth.


Why did they dig all these blocks of concrete up?  They are not really sure.  It was a big job for Doug.


See the picture on the left?  All the tilled dirt?  It used to look like the ground in the picture on the right!  The groundcover was thickly matted with vines and more vines.  They found all sorts of buried "treasure" beneath all that greenery.

Doug's triumph over digging up the 48th rose bush (buried) remains, trunk and roots from decades ago.

Doug and Amy attempted a little landscaping of their own.  This little walkway was their creation.

See what happened to our trees, and the company that did it!   August 25th & 26th.
(Growing Solutions  Tree Service)

The yard's further transformation and the company responsible.  They started Sept. 12th.     (DR Sun Services) Oct. 23rd marked the date of the installation of our Radon Mitigation system.  Our radon reading was 7.3 when tested. Acceptable level is under 4.1
  Left is the contraption that
keeps us safe. Radon mitigation system. A BIG PLUS.
It's Oct. 23rd, and they are at the doors and floors stage.  They now have beautifully refinished hardwoods by Floorcraft  Sanding (Lee Huffman).    
Oct. 24th-26th marked the installation of the triple-paned Pella windows.    
  Painting of the interior commenced on the 24th of October and continued to the 29th.      
  The sunroom brick was painted.  (Left) (Left) Dining room ceiling fixture.  
  Installer of indoor lights. (Left) (Left) The finished dining room.  
  (Left) The finished dining room. Other pictures of the painted rooms are above in each room's progression of completion. Left is the office.  

Roofing was started and completed on Nov. 6th.  Very quick and efficient crew.



Nov. 11th was  when DR Sun Services pressure-washed the house.


Cherished Woodcraft (Eric, owner, and assistant, Aaron) installed the custom-built cabinets on Nov. 12th.  (right)


(from Right to Left) Bob, Mark. John, Jon were the CMH crew responsible for the  re-model.  Jon Power, on the far left of the group pix, was the Project Manager.


Mark (in foreground) and Bob, behind Mark, were wrapping up a day at the house.

Global Service LLC configured their granite counter-tops in just 48 hours!  It was installed on Nov. 19th.


To the right is John from CMH and his "portable workshop".

(Left) Two shots from the back of the house showed the "old kitchen vent" that looked like a restaurant vent. Gross!  It was finally removed. Amy hated it.

The kitchen backsplash was installed on Nov. 20th-21st.  This is James from CMH.


The blinds were installed on Nov. 21, 2014 by Jeff DaWalt of JDD Holdings.


A very tired homeowner after a day of decision-making.


As of Nov. 30th,  we now have shutters on the house!


The renovation was completed Friday. Dec. 6th !  Here are the finished pix.  They also appear earlier in the site to show the progression of improvements.

Left is the finished guest room.


Left is the finished Guest bathroom.

Left and below is the finished kitchen.


                 Left are  views of the finished living room.  

Left is a view from the finished hallway.

Above and left is the finished Master Bedroom.


Left 2 pictures are different arrangements of the finished sunroom.  Arrival of a new floor lamp brought some room changes.


Right: Our cat, Ki-Ki, enjoying the office.

Left is the finished office.

  Left AND BELOW is the finished sunroom to dining room to living room.

Above are two views of the finished hall bathroom.

Left  are pix of the dining room to kitchen pass thru.

Below is Rick Purvis, their realtor, viewing the finished house.


Left is the finished dining room.

Left is their beautiful interior decorator, Marj Sparks. She was behind the scenes with color selections and overall "good advice" suggestions at the very beginning of this journey.   Her many talents will surface as she helps Amy & Doug decorate the house.  The builder is finished with their part of the construction of making it a solid house.  Marj will insure that this fine little house will become a stylish home.  Marj's phone # is (317) 903-9879.  Her fee is $65.00 per hour.  She can and will decorate with personal items that you already own and cherish, or she can make recommendations on decor that will best enhance that you are looking to achieve in your home.

On Dec. 9th and 10th furniture deliveries were made...they now have living room and dining room furniture. 

On Dec. 10th they had their final inspection with Housemaster and the Builder (CMH).  All was a green light.  Marj will step in on Sunday Dec. 14th to start decorating. 

    The Catastrophe  It was a normal Dec. 19th all beginning with morning showers taken by the Homeowners.  But, somewhere between the 2 showers, a blockage appeared in the water line, and Doug found himself in a bathtub filling up with water.    ==>>> Their mechanic "Aaron" augered   out the sewer line.  That didn't even touch the problem. Roto-Rooter was contacted though the internet and responded immediately.  9:00am the next day, they were  (read below next row)

digging up the yard that had been thatched and seeded a few months before.  The verdict (after the camera scoped the line): 80 feet of sewer   pipe had to be dug  up, torn out, and new PVC piping laid. This WOULD HAVE cost Amy & Doug $10,000, but they had Utility Shield insurance.  Their out-of-pocket expense was $4,000.    So far. <<<====

Pictures of the work are to the left and below.


It is now Spring....we are in the month of March 2015.  We discovered another company who actually work with their customers!

They are called:

Tree Dynasty


 On April 1, 2015 (no foolin') we had the front porch modified.  Had the unsightly trellis and handrail removed, and a wood column put in their place.  It was painted to match the trim.  (see right)

To the right and below, pictures were taken of Troy Davis (aka The Brick Doctor) and helper, Jordan, on
April 11, 2015 as they made repairs to a partially-deteriorating chimney.  They finished the job in 2 partial-days.



Rembrandt and Picasso (aka Doug and Amy) painted all the trim to the house and the exterior of the sunroom, which was not brick. Pix are to the right.

 The sump pump room before we cleared and painted.

The sump pump room after we cleared and painted.

Another view of the sump pump room after we cleared and painted.


More work commenced in the yard (see Spring 2015 under DR Sun Services page)

As of May 6, 2015, Michael May of May Asphalt & Sealing of Noblesville, IN (317-776-1010)put 2 coats of sealant on the driveway, after repairing some spots that were crumbling.   We totally recommend May Sealing for any work to be completed on a driveway.  They are very professional and courteous, and are very good with follow-up. Pix are to the right.




(Left) The new water softener, hot water heater, furnace and a/c.

 On June 20th we decided to re-finish the middle room of the basement (about 40% of the total basement).

      Aaron Bowen is the guy in the 2nd pix from the left who is placing the ceiling time.  Aaron works in Maintenance of a nearby apartment complex, where we used to live.  Aaron was responsible for the installation of the drop-ceiling, along with  Javier Garcia,.  Aaron also installed 3 new light fixtures and laid the carpet we selected.  It took him the good part of a weekend to complete this project for us.  We are VERY HAPPY with his skill and conscientiousness.  He completed it June 28th. To the immediate left of the pix of the newly furnished finished room, was the room prior to closing.

On June 26th, we also decided to enlarge the front yard ditch, to help the water flooding in our front yard  from the adjoining street.  The city will not give us curbs or a storm sewer.  Go figure. 1st two pix are "before", and the last is the "after".  They completed this on June 29th.  (the dirt to the right of the ditch will have grass growing in its place.


Victor and Javier Lopez and their team were the people who cleared the property on 7-26-14. (see near the top of this site).  However, they do mow our 0.62 acre yard for us.  Their main line of work is landscaping. Please contact me if you need landscape work done.


Picture of the property in 2006  It was very overgrown.

The front of the house in May 2014.

    The front of the house on July 2, 2015
It is August 19, 2015.  Doug just spent 2 hours wrestling with these 2 tree stumps in the front yard.  They insisted on sprouting new growth.  We did not wish for that.  He is tired. My hero.

The east side of the garage in May 2014.

     The east side of the garage in May 2015.    

The back of the house (faces north) in May 2014. The part that is sided is the Sunroom.

    The back  in May 2015.  15 yards of fill-dirt were used to level the low spot in the backyard--then sod was put down.    

The west side of the house in May 2014.  Trees growing in the gutter.

   The west side of the house in May 2015.    

Doug marveling at all the work that has to be done. May 2014 pix.

     An unbelievable transformation. 
May 2015 pix.

A picture of the un-cleared backyard in May 2014.

   A pix along the same back fence in May 2015.    

A pix looking south to Kessler Blvd. Note all the foliage in the yard. May 2014.

    Same shot a year later (a little further back).  The front yard was transformed!  May 2015.    

Looking at the west side and the huge sweet gum tree (we removed about 40% of it).  May 2014.

    Same view from further back.  What a difference!
May 2015.

Looking at the northwest corner of the Sunroom in May 2014.

    Same shot, a year later.  May 2015.    

The northeast corner of the lot in May 2014.

     Same shot, a year later.
May 2015.  (Fill-dirt was used to level the yard).

Back of house, facing north in May 2014.

   Same shot, a year later.
July 2, 2015.

Shot of the front yard, looking southwest in May 2014.

    Same shot, a year later.
May 2015.
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Here we are looking outside our front window at the turning of the trees on our street.

On Oct. 20, 2015, Victor and Javier and crew tilled, "picked out", and seeded our entire front yard.  In a few weeks we should have grass!  As of May 2016, we have a beautiful front yard lawn!             It is May 2016 now. Two years we have owned this property, and worked on it.   We had the remaining sweet gum tree on the west side of the property taken down. We have grown very tired of the "gum balls" littering the yard, and clogging the gutters. Victor and Javier's tree expert, Miguel and team were responsible for taking the tree down.  It was not a simple task.  No more trees to be removed.  18 down, 22 trees remaining.   However, March 2017, we had another tree taken down that was right on Kessler, and one topped.  19 down, 21 remaining.  

It is June 8, 2016.  We had our garage interior painted by Adam Pattee of "Only One" Painting.  It was the last remnant of the former owner to be updated.

A little "brick-edging" project that was completed
7-15-16   (right)
It  is June 8, 2016.  Amy just put 3 coats of stain and sealer on the deck.


 May 3, 2017--we have a "new" garage floor.    

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