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Ode to Christmas Spode (Christmas 2008)
In the Conlin home, it’s part of the code…..
to display in reverence with pride
taking all the Christmas decorating in stride
rising above it all …. is the Christmas Spode.
For those who don’t know, they’re coveted dishes -
china glazed with hand-painted Yuletide trees
it’s everything imaginable that one who sees
 It is the plight of Chris Conlin, who wishes …
To display her trinkets, bells, candlesticks and plates
entails a task so cumbersome, a back could break
lamenting Spode’s absence, make no mistake
has put Mrs. Conlin in the worst of all states !
She works in silence, accepting the load
that her dear Spode collection
is not this Christmas’s selection
“well,” she cries, “this Season can go in the commode !"
“So what if it’s packed in boxes in trunks, you know?
I’ll just pull it all out, and move things around –
Repeatedly, up a ladder and back to the ground
It’s a task I love, but laborious and slow.”
It’s Christmas Spode, so don’t you see?
For eleven months it sits in boxes in the dark
So patiently it sits, making no remark
‘cause in December, from their boxes they are free.
The Mr. & Mrs. have argued and rowed
to his wishes (that Grinch) she bowed,
 “farewell, my dear” she finally crowed,
and crawled in the trunks with the Spode.
Her hasty retreat, her definite leave - he mocks 
But sad - he misses her through the years
In his chair by a trunk, he sometimes hears
the tiny tinkling of a Spode music box.

by Mrs. Conlin’s daughter, Amy Allison 

Copyright © November 2008   Amy L. Allison



The Emancipation of Christmas Spode -
(Christmas 2009)


(continuing the saga)

As the months went by, the Mr. wouldn't budge
Mrs. sat quietly in a trunk in a stew ~
Why must I hide, and wait ?  Oh Fudge !
The lid of her trunk, off it flew!

With a new resolve, she hired her Daughter Elf
Who came up with a plausible plan
To Mr., Mrs. exclaimed, "I'll do it myself"!
And explained to the packed away Spode Clan.

"Come bowls, come teapot, come trivets and plates,
Come to Mama, no more will you have to hide.
For my Spode, a season of joy awaits,
Over my Christmas decor you'll preside.

The shouts of whooping, hollering and glee,
Could be heard as all the Spode voiced
"Oh thank you, dear Mrs., where would we be
without you?"  the Spode rejoiced.

The empty boxes ended up in piles,
As Daughter Elf set the Spode free -
On all of their faces were smiles,
It was a joyous sight, indeed!

The Mrs.'s dancing drew to a close,
As she had other thoughts now in mind.
"Okay, all you Spodettes;  no time for repose,
Your Christmas duty calls - no need to remind."

"Your purpose, a blessing,  my Pride and Joy,
Takes new meaning to us this year
We know the Mr., we cannot annoy.
To 'The Plan' we now must adhere."

The Spode hung their heads, then raised them in pride,
The Mrs. directed them all to their places.
Their duty and Honor, all fun placed aside.
But the grins remained on their faces.

The Collection of Spode took their jobs so seriously
As Mrs. found places for all, she knew she must!
So happy were they, they stood there deliriously
Full of Goodwill and Cheer, they felt they could bust!

So off to bed went the Mr. that night,
With the Mrs. close behind, but then
She crept back downstairs to check on a light
And was astonished by the Spode, once again.

For merrily singing and dancing were they

Candlesticks with nut bowls, the pairings were fun!

She couldn't believe their joyous display

But she knew:  She and Spode had finally won.


Mrs. kicked up her heels and joined in the fun,

And danced with them 'til it was late.

The Spode Tradition had again begun,

Nevermore !  ... a Conlin Christmas Debate.

 by "the Mrs.'s" daughter, Amy Allison 

Copyright © December 2009   Amy L. Allison

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Pictures of the Christmas 2009 Unloading of the Spode -
The "Mrs." and "Daughter Elf"

  Oh, the Stress of Spode!
"I love it," says the Mrs.
The beginning of the Spode Unload 2009 Spode still in
  Up-close Boxed Spode And the Spode Flowed. Is there an end to it?
  Directing Spode Traffic This - Is - Christmas - Spode. Ah, the Mother Lode
of Spode
  Photography by
Doug Bunch Studios
  In the Spode Mode! A quiet moment of
Spode Reflection.