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                  Christine's Poetry    

(Writing begins at approx. age 8)

My Summer Vacation

Isn't it wonderful
When school is out,
Then you can go place
And run about.

To a picnic
And to the beach too,
Out in the country
Where the cows say "moo"!

Or go to town fairs
When they come to town,
And ride on toy mares
Until they run down.

Or stay home and play
With your brothers and sisters,
And that is all I can say
My little listeners.


We have a lot of pansies
In our backyard,
They are as soft as velvet
Light as a card.

Sometimes I pick ten
and sometimes pick two.
But my mother says,
"You should just pick a few."

We have many other flowers
Roses, daffodils too,
And when we have little showers
They fill them with dew.

At Easter it makes
A pretty bouquet for me,
and the people say "oh!"
When my bouquet they see.

Snowy Days

The snow is coming down
in big white flakes,
and it doesn't make a sound
Like a thunderstorm makes.

Boy and girls will be sleigh-riding
'Way down the hill,
and some children are hiding
with snowballs to spill.
The Place I Like Best

S is for shoes which we wear each day
C is for come like the school bell will say
H is for hat which we sometimes wear
O is for okay! which we sometimes hear
O is for owl, which comes in the night
L is for Love of this story I write.
The Seasons

I like the Spring and its lovely flowers
With its birds and April showers.

But in the Summer when it's hot
I get so warm and sweat a lot.

Then comes the harvest in the Fall
I think I like it best of all.

Next comes Winter with snow so white.
We get out our sleds with great delight.

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
Which do you like best of all?

We are moving very soon
and I will be so glad,
We will move in the afternoon
Me, my mom and dad.
Flowers will be soon in bloom
Purple, yellow and pink.
I am going to have a cute little room
With walls of blue, I think.

Our New Home

I like our new home very much
And the walls we must not touch.
And a very big yard with room to play
On a pretty sunny day.
"Susie"                                                   (She was our maid for many years)

We have a maid named Susie
She's big and very fat,
And if we were to lose her
We probably wouldn't think of that.

She's always cooking cakes and pies,
In a clean, fresh apron of white.
And those cakes and pies certainly make my eyes,
Grow big and round with delight.

Then there are rolls she's always making
That really taste Divine;
So the next time she gets in the mood for baking
I'll call you in sometime.

Then the other day Susie made cinnamon twists
But only a few were eaten,
then that's when I drew up my fists
for Susie had them hidden.

One day Susie made Jell-o
It was red with whipped cream for the topping-
And I bet that Susie's fellow
Would've eaten it without stopping.

So now is the end, but don't say, "Oh nuts!"
As Susie has cooked all she can for awhile,
And for all of Susie's different desserts,
I'd certainly walk a mile.                                                                                        Top

More poetry will be submitted in the weeks to come.

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