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Bruce Smith | Gary Antelept | Amy Lain | Jim Ramsey | Dave Johnston | Wayne Strautman 

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Comments from our Listeners Bruce Smith -  Drums, Gary Antelept - Singer/Songwriter/Guitar, Amy Lain - Vocals, Jim Ramsey - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Dave Johnston - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Wayne Strautman - Singer/Songwriter/Keyboard 

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Chronicle is a band that was formed by Gary Antelept in the 1990's.  Chronicle’s music and sound are of a folk/rock genre, with an emphasis on current sounds, ballads, and love songs, with original lyrics based on social causes and coming-of-age experiences.  Chronicle blends its original music with a sound reminiscent of the iconoclast pop/rock musicians of the 60's and 70's.  However, while Chronicle pays tribute to The Beatles and other rock favorites – the band is very versatile in its willingness to provide a music venue as requested by those that hire the band for an entertainment function, a play, or just plain 'ole great background music for an event on your social calendar. 



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