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 It's "The Doog"  !
 C. Douglas "Doug" Bunch  
Hi, I'm Doog !! These  pictures have "mouse-overs" - whatever that means !  

Hi. I got a little piece of Amy's website so I could be a part of the world wide web.  Ah, if my old students could see me now !  Now that I feel that I have arrived in the 21st Century, I will provide you with some links to areas with which I have some interest!  First, there is nothing like blues music.  Nothing like it.  Here is my favorite local artist, Gene Deer. The music playing as you visit my site is Gene Deer's own "Livin' With The Blues" song.   I have followed him for years !  I love to dance a modified be-bop/do-whop to dance-able blues music.  I am also a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Johnny Lang.  My all-time favorite group though, is the Beatles.  Here is my poster of them I respectfully hang in my livingroom. 


I have a little side-line that I perform on an impromptu-basis when the spirit moves me.  I do several stand-up comedy routines.  Yep, I guess I found my niche.  My favorite routines are:  "Hey-Zus", "Harley-Riders", "Didju", "Well, Hail!", "George Dubya", "The Indianapolis Dolts", "My Bitch Mitch", "Wok-ie Tok-ie, Fwied Wice", "The D-O-O-G", "Wouldn't Be Prudent....!" Also, I am a writer.  My "Window to the World" blog denotes some of my humor. And The Doog pens some poetry.

Good flick    

One of my favorite movies was "Door in the Floor" with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger. A "must-see" for a good, issues-laden movie.

Exquisite ! I've seen it 50+ times Daniel Day-Lewis is my idol !
The essence of Lawrence and Gina  

Another all-time favorite of mine is "Age of Innocence". There is no other like it. I know the script by heart.  But my favorite movie is "Girl in a Cafe" with my heroes Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald.

I have 2 sons:  Christopher, who is 41 and lives in Indiana with his wife, Narena.  He is a writer and a teacher, and trying to get a book published.  John, is 42 and lives in Covington, Indiana with his wife Nykki.  John became a new father on 11/8/04 - therefore I became a 1st-time grandpa, to be called "GD" [for Grandpa Doog].  My grandson's name is Jonas James Raimi Bunch - and he is C-O-O-O-L !  John & Nykki had a 2nd child on 6/23/06, a girl.  Her name is Immanuel Cornellia Christophene Bunch.  And she is beautiful ! Christopher became a new father on 9-17-07.  He had a son, and his name is Calahan Thomas Bunch. Nykki and John had their 3rd child on 12-30-2010.  Her first name is Django.  Other middle name(s) are to follow. 
Click here for my photo album, which includes their pictures.

 Proud of my sons !
Christopher - Doog - John
(2004 picture- They're still just as handsome)
I am an advocate of physical health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  One way that I accomplish this on daily basis: I work-out.  I have finally become an advocate for drinking plain old water - and lots of it.  Yum-yum??  For all who know my vice of Diet Coke, I have greatly reduced my consumption of that delicacy.  Amy's fresh strawberry pie is one of my favorites.
6-foot-5-inches and growing                                 
On the left is a shot of me standing on the patio on a very sunny Saturday in the Fall 2004  before going to the theatre to see "Pride and Prejudice".  On the right is the same guy, same outfit, longer hair on June 14, 2008 - on my 5th anniversary together with my beau-u-u-tiful Amy. Then, in Dec. 2009, 'The Doog in Black'.  Notice the stance never changes.  Below is a more recent picture of Amy & I together...taken April 17, 2010 at her Mother's 80th birthday party.  Santa brought me a Steelers leather coat for Christmas 2010 !  YAY !
Yep, I'm Amy
      What a stud !
Here is the Doog at 38 years old.  Guess I had that Miami Vice look a-goin ! Here is the Doog during August 2009.  The Sun God.  Amy's favorite picture of me.  October 2006.
We took a trip to Fredericksburg, VA in June 2005.  These are two pictures I took.  The left one is Caroline St. in the downtown area.  The other is a really cool tree in the Fredericksburg Cemetery.  Just the Doog expressing himself. I love hawks. They are gorgeous birds !  They are so majestic.
Poppin' a squat - [click for enlargement] Virgil died in 1994, Betty died in 2000
I am from Glasgow, Kentucky, but was raised, and also raised my sons in Attica, Indiana.  Here is a picture of me atop Lover's Leap in Attica - Fall 2004. Above were my parents:  Virgil and Betty Alice Bunch, both deceased.  
Grave of father Virgil Bunch Grave of mother Betty Alice Bunch Grave of my brother
John E. Bunch
The "Bunch" marker in
Glasgow, KY in May 2009
The Plaza Theatre in Glasgow, KY  in May 2009  

I have been in the education field for 36 years. That's a long time ! In May 2006, one of my students from the Attica High School Class of 1976 contacted me.  He said there was going to be a reunion on June 9, 2006, and would I attend.  I went to the reunion in Attica and had a wonderful time seeing all the students and teachers from 30 years ago.  Click on the "reunion" link above to see some pictures that were taken.


The techno-phobe Oh, BYW, I am a far-left Democrat.  I buy only foreign-made cars. I am a really nice guy. I love Georgia O'Keefe prints, and my favorite colors are red, yellow and orange. I am an INFP personality type.  Learn more about your personality type by going to this site.  I am a Leo, and was born the first year of the baby-boom era (1946).    I recently opened a Facebook account.  Come find me.
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