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Amy Allison Designer




(A sole proprietorship since 7/28/05)

In the ever-evolving world of business, there has been a trend over the last ten years:  more and more small businesses or home-based, cottage industries have come into being as people have moved away from working for large corporations and cutting-edge companies where they had to deal with the stressors associated with them, as well as commuting to these jobs.  I learned from my at-the-time National Sales Manager:  "People buy from people, not companies.  That's why often times when a sales rep leaves a company, and goes to work for a competitor, his/her customers often follow the sales rep, because they like dealing with that person."  It really doesn't matter who they work for.  A reputable sales person will work for a reputable company.  End of discussion.

Small Business - Large Company ImageSmall businesses and other ventures need to be marketed, and the dollars may not be plentiful to sink a lot into marketing and advertising budgets - the two necessities to get a business off the ground floor.  It can be a difficult task in depositing advertisements into the hands of the consumers who are needing the services or products that are being offered by a multitude of smaller businesses.  Companies of a smaller nature need brochures, business cards, mailers, sell sheets, letters - tools to help promote customer awareness, and to be a competitive player in the marketplace.

My intent with Odyssey Design is to present a more personal approach in my business, and interacting with my clients.  I am not a fly-by-night store front on the internet - here today, gone tomorrow.  I don't have a "shopping cart" to purchase goods or services from me.  This Odyssey Design & Marketing site (within the www.alawebpages.com site) is merely to inform, advertise and educate my clients or potential customers about the "how's and why's" of my services.  I plan to meet with you.  I intend to be made aware of you, your business and how I can assist you.  This  is how we operate here at Odyssey Design.

My focus with Odyssey Design is to offer quality tools to you [the small business owner], without you having to become a PC expert in graphics design, a Marketing guru or a Webmaster.  I work with a local printer in Indianapolis who handles all of my printing needs.  I have been working with marketing tools since 1988, as I promoted myself and my employer [at the time] to my own customers within my commercial selling field. 

Something to remember:  almost every household has a computer, and companies are very dependent on the efficiencies of all that a computer can provide in organizing, record-keeping, marketing, advertising, paying the bills and payroll, planning, and researching.   The key word here is efficiencies.  A small business relies heavily on one to three key players for the daily operations.  My niche is to be that invisible, yet much-needed person who "puts the image of your business out there for the world to see", or assists you in doing so.

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