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 The Marketing Assistant

This day in age, a small business owner must be efficient in the use of all resources, especially Human Resources.  A small business usually consists of 1 or 2 principal people to orchestrate the business's day-to-day operations and/or production of services, as well as a receptionist or secretary to "manage" the office, answer the phones, emails, faxes, and handle the mail - for starters.  Okay, so that's 2 or 3 people on the payroll.

Some small business owners have yet to find that there is a niche [and quite a large vacant position] for someone to have a good grasp of the functions of the business, understand the "mission" of the business owner(s), and have a real feel for how the enterprise should and can be presented to the marketplace to attract new customers, and continually solidify their relationships with existing "bread-and-butter" customers.

Marketing Assistants will fill that much-needed position, often supplying their services in a temporary or contract capacity.  He or she is quite knowledgeable in selling, presenting and marketing a business, almost any business and your smaller business.  The Marketing Assistant is invested in helping to insure that you have a polished appearance, as you attract new customers at the very start, or even up the road from when you got your business off the ground.  A Marketing Assistant can be on-site, or work virtually from his/her own home office.  Think about this:  you already have a "front person" as a receptionist for addressing the to-the-minute situations that arise in the office.  But have you thought about having someone work behind the scenes to take the necessary measures to promote your enterprise?  Do you or you and your partner really have the time and the wherewithall to do this?

Hence, the New Marketing Assistant can meet your needs, sometimes before they may have been made apparent.  He or she can communicate electronically with you through emails, phone, fax to save all sorts of travel time, lengthy meetings, and unnecessary time-wasters while being located in your office.  Please read on about a Marketing Assistant's functions and duties - all that may be tailor-made to suit your company's needs.

Marketing Assistant 's Functions & Duties 


  • Designs & provides marketing activities

  • Provides customer service: answers questions, provides information, researches and resolves problems

  • Coordinates department activities with vendors (designers, printers, mailing houses, etc.)

  • Assists with marketing research

  • Generates and coordinates use of marketing reports

  • Monitors marketing budget

  • Administers department marketing calendar

  • Checks schedules, production and distribution arrangements and other details to ensure timely completion and quality control of marketing activities and publications

  • Writes and/or edits copy for department marketing projects such as publications, advertisements, press releases, announcements, etc.

  • Coordinates advertising placement and schedules

  • Establishes and maintains department records and files and provides additional administrative support

  • Inventories and orders supplies for department

  • Arranges for maintenance and repair of equipment

  • Administers other office functions

  • Assembles and coordinates manuscripts

  • Assembles and organizes numerical data

  • Balances figures

  • Communicates with others to gather information

  • Composes letters

  • Coordinates events

  • Coordinates meetings

  • Drafts routine correspondence

  • Edits routine documents

  • Establishes filing systems

  • Gathers data

  • Inputs data

  • Maintains filing systems

  • Maintains logs

  • Prioritizes different projects

  • Researches information

  • Schedules appointments

  • Understands and applies policies and procedures

  • Uses computer packages to prepare graphics

  • Uses computerized spreadsheets

  • Uses database and/or word processing software

  • Uses desktop publishing software

  • Writes memorandums for own signature

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