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Odyssey Design's services are extended to lay-people as well.  One doesn't have to be a small business to employ my services.  All prices on my Price List page pertain to these same services as they are rendered to individuals, excepting the Personal Web-Pages pricing.

Okay.  Maybe you are in your teens, or 20-something all the way up to 40-something. There are templates that can be obtained, a lot of them at no-charge, to get your own website up and running.  Google, Yahoo, and many others give you space for free to have your site.  You are limited somewhat in space, the design, color offerings, and your URL will often have an extension of the website who is giving space to you for free. 

Having a little patience, a bit of know-how about computers, being able to work with photos on your own PC, and a lot of time - one can do their own website, plain and simple.  But many of the over-40 crowd, for various reasons, are not able to invest time, energy, and some frustration into a website, but have found it would be nice to have one for family and friends, and even new acquaintances.  Personal web-pages are an excellent way to keep the people in your life up-to-date with the goings-on in your world.  Facebook and MySpace have shown us that!

Odyssey Design's services have been expanded due to a vast amount of time spent researching personal web-pages, and discovering what works and what doesn't.  Here are a couple of personal web-pages that I am continually updating, as these persons' lives evolve over time.

A URL to a personal web-page may be put in the signature of your emails [automatically], and any reader of your emails can click on the link to your web-page.  It is that simple.  Also, business cards made for you by Odyssey Design can have your web-page's URL printed on it, so anyone that you may give your card to, may be able to go to your personal web-page.