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Bring customers to your business with one click !     WEB-DESIGN for SMALL BUSINESSES

I have found in my own personal experience:  1) that there are many, many smaller companies out there in today's marketplace who still do not have internet exposure, or a website of their own.  2) that these companies want to have a website where they can advertise to potential customers.

In utilizing my knowledge of HTML and web-design, experience in securing domain names, use of a digital camera, and marketing tools/knowledge/experience at my fingertips - I have been placed in a position where I have been able to witness the evolution of  several cottage-industries from at-home hobbies to viable small businesses.  My job is merely that of generating some creative, informative internet marketing for them.

I have included an article by Mike Chen regarding advertising on websites for smaller enterprises.  My thrust is not to design websites such as: State of Indiana website, http://www.imcpl.org/, or http://www.bravenet.com/, to name a few.  These are very involved websites, and smaller businesses do not warrant this degree of complexity or flash.  Go to this link to see a sample of some of the websites that I have designed.  I am able to provide sites with many links, pictures, pricing and meta-tags to enable being found on searches conducted by internet users.  New information has been derived recently on the fallacies of search engine optimization

Why does every small business need a website?                              

  • Your competitor probably has one.

  • You can advertise your goods and services 24/7/365.

  • Your email address, of which there can be many through your website, add a professionalism to your business.   i.e.  agent@your-web-address.com

  • You can attract more customer awareness and business through search engines.

  • You can give detailed contact information to potential customers.

  • You can interact with customers via online newsletters, polls etc.

  • You can appear bigger than you really are ! 

  • Credibility and validity can lend themselves to your goods, services, and business.

  • Customers expect it.

Something to remember:  with almost everyone having access to a computer - people shop and browse online as they once did ten or twenty years ago via catalogs, magazines, and flyers.  They seek information online. Any business having internet exposure has the potential to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people who "search" online for goods and services to use in their daily lives.   I reside in central Indiana, and limit my website design business to that area.  Yet with the predominant use of email and electronic file transfer via the computer, transferring of files, pictures, data, prices, and music electronically is limitless.  Advertising electronically online has endless possibilities!