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There's No Place Like Home pet care service has an almost 30-year history and was started in 1987.  The company is located in Indiana, and the general service area is primarily Carmel.  (For specifics, see "About TNPLH".

Playing at home is FUN !

Member of  Angie's List
since May 1993

We are proud to announce our winning a "Readers' Choice" award in the Indy Tails regional magazine as "the Best Dog-walking Service".  We won as 2nd Runner-up. 

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Pet-Sitter is coming today!

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Keeping Your Pets Comfortable Until You Return

Yes, we are ALL dachsunds ! Really.

They tell me the Pet-Sitter is the boss. 
                        Yeah, right !

I did NOT chew up the rug.  Nope !

I love There's No Place Like Home

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Helping your pets feel safe and comfortable...while you are away from home.

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