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 Testimonials from Our Clients    

We are proud of the fact that our customers have many great things to say about the quality of our services.   On this page, we have published the pets' pictures and their owners' testimonials from a few of our  TNPLH clients.   We hope you will take the time to read all them.  May we point out our "References" link, where we can put you in contact with some of these people.

(Don't forget the mouse-overs on each animal's picture.  They all have something to say !)


I am a female Afghan Hound, and this family's Alpha dog. I am a male Collie, Lassie incognito. I am a male Afghan Hound, and RATHER REGAL.(grin)
Chelsea Brodie Merlin

"Our babies get to stay in the comfort of their own home.  This gives us peace of mind.  We've used TNPLH for many years. Just knowing that somebody is checking on our house AND our three pets 2-3 times per day allows us to enjoy ourselves while we are away.  We really appreciate the service they give us."
- Deanna & Bill C.


I am a SENIOR Boxer


"There's No Place Like Home has been a God-send to me and my boxer, Angus.  I work 10-hour days, and my buddy needs to go outside during that time.  Sue and Amy (owner, and one of the pet-sitters) have never failed to see Angus on my irregular schedule.  They have both been very flexible and dependable. They spend time with Angus, and always take him for a walk. Always, on "Angus" days, I find a pleasant note regarding their experience with Angus that day."
- Tom P.


I am 19 years old. Whew ! I have a ravenous appetite ! I may be timid, but I'm the Alpha Cat Aw, comeon, give me a belly rub I THINK I am the Alpha Cat !
Batman Jack Murphy Rosie Skipper

(The following customer, Ann D., has been with "There's No Place Like Home" since the very start of the business in 1987.  We are very lucky to have her using our service so regularly, and trusting us with her cats.)

"Sue, and more recently Amy, both seem to care as much about the special needs of all five of the cats as do I, which is extremely difficult to find in people who have pet-sitting businesses.  They understand that coaxing, cajoling, bribing, and begging and pleading are some times necessary to achieve the desired behavior from the kitties.

Sue made an extra effort to make a special phone call to let me know that one of my kitties, who chose to hide from me as I was leaving town for a short trip, was indeed in the house and had not escaped or become trapped somewhere inside.  Sue understands how important the health and safety of my pets is to me, and making that call to me to reassure me put my mind at ease."

- Ann D.

Yes, I am as pure white as the driven snow ! Is this Dasani or Ice Mountain water - it's GREAT ! Pretty bird ! Pretty bird ! Yes, I WILL win a staring match with you !
Ivy Quinton Peabody Gabby

"Sue Doeppers and her pet-sitting services have been a part of our family since 1996...I don't know what I would do without her!!  My husband and I have our own business, and travel quite a bit.  We have no worries at all knowing that Sue is here with our 3 kitties and 1 parrot.  She is extremely capable, responsible and most of all, caring...I know she loves our animals.  When we return from every absence, she has left us a note telling us how everyone was, noting anything that needs our attention, and remarking how she enjoyed time spent here with our "babies."  I am very dependent upon Sue at this point, so I hope she never-ever retires!  I would highly recommend her services to anyone."
- Kathy C.

PLEASE throw me the ball - Arf arf ! Woof-woof ! If I could just get a word in edge-wise! Quiet, Cody!
Cody Cali

"We have been using TNPLH for almost five years.  We started using this pet service when our Golden Retriever, Cody, was just a puppy, with the intent of having daily walks for her, just through her "puppy-hood".  We were so pleased (and Cody was, too), that we kept using "There's No Place Like Home."

TNPLH has been such a great experience for our family.  Sue and Amy are wonderful to work with, and Cody just loves them !  They have also visited with and taken care of Cody (and our cat) when we have gone on vacations, and the pets are so much happier than with a kennel experience.  We recommend TNPLH without any reservation !"

- Melanie and Brad H.


I'm a Rescue Dog. I am the good 'ole Boy ! I am the sweetest cat in this house !

Bobbie Jo

Leroy Cleo

"We have used the pet service for years.  They are so good with our animals.  The pets have never been boarded, and therefore have not been caged.  They get more exercise being at home, and are not exposed to disease from other animals in a kennel.  We feel confident that the house is taken care of in our absence, and our pets are in good hands."
- Jennifer and Mike S.


They tell me I can be difficult. Imagine that !

I'm a rescue Italian Greyhound, and very loving. Kiss-kiss-kiss !

I'm the happiest Shih Tzu you'll ever meet. I can run circles around you !
Rocky Lady Harry

"Rocky is a rather difficult little schnauzer (pictured left), and we were very concerned that no pet service would want to care for our dogs because of him.  Our pet-sitter won him over - I am amazed at that accomplishment.  They keep us informed what's going on with the animals, and really care about the welfare of our dogs.  We are really pleased with the conscientious service that we have received by TNPLH, and are using them more and more.  It gives us freedom to go out-of-town frequently, as we need to."
- Nancy and Ken B.


I just love to play ! I am such a loving cat. AND THE BOSS !
Aurora Munchkin

"December 2000 was when we first took advantage of TNPLH's pet-sitting services.

We feel total confidence with Sue Doeppers and her care of our cats. You know, it takes a tremendous amount of trust to turn over your house keys and your pets to someone and then go out of town -- or leave the country! I never thought twice about taking off on a trip when Sue was keeping an eye on things.

TNPLH pet-sitters have been wonderfully responsible and caring, handling difficult situations (such as giving medicine to a sick cat) better than we might have done ourselves. I feel that the social interaction on a pet-sit visit is as important as feeding the cats and cleaning the litter boxes. It is very obvious to me that Sue and Amy fill this need, as well as filling the food dishes!"
-Ginny and Ray B.


So many Bassets. So little time. You want me to do WHAT??? Where IS everybody? This is my best pose. I AM SMILING. C-H-E-E-E-E-E-S-S-S-E !  
Molly Arnold Bobo Dreyfus Howie  

Testimonial to arrive via email

- Amy T.

We are VERY CLOSE friends.

Brutus & Cheeky

"We appreciate There's No Place Like Home !  The sitters are responsible and trustworthy.  Our dogs, Brutus and Cheeky get along well while we're gone.  We know they get a good walk in too !  It's nice to feel comfortable while traveling and know that our home and pets are secure.  Squirt was our 19-years old cat that had to be put down last year.  She was diabetic and we were so glad that our TNPLH pet-sitters had no problem giving insulin shots and pilling her.  Squirt was shy, but they took the time to get to know her, and she liked them.

We also appreciate the household duties, i.e.: mail and papers brought in and trash taken out.  The opening and closing of curtains and turning lights on and off gives our house a "lived-in" look while we're away.  Thank-you Sue and Kristen of TNPLH for taking care of us!  We know you are true pet-lovers !"

- Mitzi C.


Am I 'at ease' or what ?


"There's No Place Like Home pet-sitters have been wonderful !  I was relieved that they are so caring toward my cat, Tres.  They could tell that I feel that Tres is part of my family, and they didn't think I was funny for feeling that way.  I like that they are organized and covered all the bases.  They provide an important service for me, allowing me to travel without worrying."
- Judy M.

(More pet-sitter pix to come)

How many of you guys are there ?

The good life is TWO hot-dogs !

Owner, Sue Doeppers with Basenji puppies

Pet-sitter, Amy, with Sammy & Hot-Sizzle

And What Do Our Pet-Sitters Say?

"The thing I like best about my job is the pets. The animals: dogs, cats, parakeets, rabbits.  All of them.  Any of them."  

"You just can't have too many cats.  The End"  

"The finest compliment we can receive is a referral from our clients.  Thank-you for your trust." 

"One of the most rewarding things about my job is watching a pet warm up to me.  They may hold back at first, but when they come to you to lick you, or want to be petted, it gives me a real warm feeling." 


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