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   Scheduling service with TNPLH needs to be completed as soon as you know you are going to be away from your home. 

Your 1st contact with TNPLH:

When you phone us (317) 845-4140 or email us - please let us know where you live (full address & zip), what pets you have, and when you will need the 1st sit to be scheduled with us.  This allows us to know how soon we need to schedule the initial interview.

At the Initial Interview:

  • We need to meet new clients and their pets in their home.

  • We generally see cats 1 or 2 times per day.  Owner discretion.   We prefer to see dogs 3 times per day for the comfort of your dog's bathroom frequency.  This can be adjusted, if necessary.

  • A $10 fee is charged for this initial interview.

  • We will obtain all feeding procedures, medication, vet information, habits of your pets, household-care details.

  • We will have a "service agreement" that you will be provided.

  • We will obtain a key (which will be "coded" by us. (no labeling with name or address).

Scheduling / Payment Process:

  • We require advance payment for most vacations. (This logs you into our system and reserves the time with us for your sit).

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks prior to when you need our service so that we may make these arrangements.

  • Daily sits are pre-paid either weekly, or monthly.  Your individual situation will be discussed and determined at the initial interview.

  • You will be given a detailed receipt at the end of each daily sit, or at the end of your vacation sit, waiting at the house for you upon your return.


About TNPLH  Contact  Services Scheduling  Testimonials  Pet-Tips

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